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"Specialists In All Motion Compensating Equipment"

*  Mocomp Solutions Specialize In The Repair, Refurbishment And
    Manufacture Of All Motion Compensating Equipment.

Repair And Refurbishment Work Can Be Carried Out In A Fully
    Equipped Workshop In Aberdeen.

We Also Have The Use Of Fully Equipped Workshop And Machine Shop 
    Facilities in Macae, Brazil.

Our Team Of Experienced Service Engineers Are Available To Travel 
    Worldwide To Carry Out Any On Site Requirements.

Full DSC Alignment Service.

Mocomp Solutions Use Alibre 3D Drawing Programme For All Your 
    Design Needs.

All Our Personnel Have Extensive Knowledge and Practical Experience With The Following
Compensating Equipment :-

  • Shaffer 400K - 18Ft Stroke Drill String Compensator (DSC)
  • Shaffer 400K - 18Ft Stroke Upgraded to 500K - 25Ft Stroke
  • Shaffer 500k - 18Ft Stroke Drill String Compensator (DSC)
  • Shaffer 500K DSC Upgraded to 600K - 25Ft Stroke
  • Conversion :- Vetco 400K DSC Upgraded to Shaffer Style 600K
  • Shaffer 600K - 25Ft Stroke Drill String Compensator (DSC)
  • Brown Brothers 600K Drill String Compensator (DSC)

    • Vetco 400KDrill String Compensator (DSC)
    • Shaffer 16K Guideline Tensioner
    • Shaffer 80K Single Riser Tensioner
    • Shaffer 80K Dual Riser Tensioner
    • Brown Brothers 80K Riser Tensioner
    • Western Gear Guideline Tensioner
    • Western Gear Dual Riser Tensioner

    "Professional Solutions For All Your Motion Compensating Needs"