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Drill String Compensator Equipment

Mocomp Solutions can meet all your Drill String Compensator (DSC) requirements from
     the simple supply of spare parts,
refurbishment of existing equipment, to the more
     advanced full upgrade of outdated DSC Equipment to include all
     HP APV's, Supply Lines, Control and Loadpath Upgrades. 

DSC Upgrades

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 Mocomp Solutions can carry
 out a Rig survey to assist
 management in selecting the
 best upgrade for their future
 drilling requirements. 
 Whether it be a simple 500K
 Upgrade or the complete Shaffer
 Style 600K System conversion.

HP Air Supply & Control

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  * We can Upgrade any of the High Pressure Air Systems.

  * Increase Air Pressure Vessel (APV) capacity.

  * Upgrade DSC Supply Piping from 4-6".

  * Supply Upper Standpipe Manifolds.

  * Supply Lower Standpipe Manifolds.

DSC Spare Parts

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Mocomp Solutions can supply 
extensive DSC spare parts.

For all your Spare Parts needs
please contact us with the
make and model to enable us 
to supply the correct parts.

Refurbishment of DSC Equipment

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        Mocomp Solutions have the ability to refurbish
        all your DSC Equipment in a fully equipped
        workshop near Aberdeen.

        Our engineers have successfully corrected 
        DSC misalignment on several occasions.

"Professional Solutions For All Your Motion Compensating Needs"